It’s Not Just About the Parties | The After Hours Job!

Come Fall & Winter the events and wedding industry goes into event overload with Grand Openings, Launches, Open Houses and Industry Nights.  In an industry where most of our events take place in the summer months, we see a bit of a lull before we go head first into corporate events and booking for the following season(s).

This week was especially exhausting as our team attended a number of events and parties.  Now if you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you may get the impression of “is all these girls do is party?”  Well we do, we are event planners after all! However, these parties have a lot more meaning and take a lot more work than it appears!  What do these parties entail and why do we “have” to go? Well it’s a part of our job – just like any other service based job ours involves research, staying on top of upcoming trends and building relationships.

So, attending these events allows us to see emerging trends in decor, florals, color palettes and also simulates our creative juices on the next big thing we can do for our upcoming weddings.  In addition, we’re able to see what’s trending in terms of food and beverages – what are some new ways of service, presentation, or ideas for signature drinks – all which add value to our current and future brides and grooms!  During the summer months we don’t really get a chance to really connect with our industry partners and so here we run into new people we’d like to work with or who can offer our clients a great product or service and we meet old friends whom we catch up with, all in all making our relationships stronger for – you guessed it, our clients!  It also gives our team a time to connect, talk about us and what skills we need to improve on and how we can function better together, all in all giving our clients a highly efficient, expert team as the backbone to their events.  So yes, while we do enjoy the mixing and mingling, the food and the drinks we are still working – but hey doesn’t every job have it’s perks?

If you missed all the action, here’s a visual summary from our week out on the town!

Happy Planning!

~ AWE Team

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