The E-Vite – What to Consider?

With the era of email and everything virtual, many of our clients ask us about what to consider when doing an e-invitation, or if they should even do one at all. The e-vite has many benefits, some of which are obvious – the cost factor and saving some on your budget, minimizing your wedding footprint on the environment, and of course and most importantly to some of you – your TIME! Here are a few tips to consider when going electronic!

- With electronic invitations, assume everything gets forwarded, wether its to someone you forgot on your list, or your friend forwarding your chic invite for someone else to look at – so it has to be tested that it forwards well, and you have to understand people are looking at it in different formats.

- Think about the difference between HTML and PDF formats. It is definitely easier to send a PDF, but depending on the size of your guestlist it’s very likely that you will get tagged as spam if you send a lot. The other option is to have it embedded into email [HTML], which requires more work.

- For those of you who are traditional romantics who love the feel of hard copy invites, or for those of you who have parents that demand them you also have the option to send a printed invitation but direct guests to respond using a Web form or Website. It’s much faster than a traditional RSVP all the while still saving your SOME money on the extra card, postage, and paper! An online form allows you to obtain further information from guests in a way that’s easily organized and  that will maximize their experience. For example, learning of a food allergy, transportation preference, or need for a baby changing area or booster seat ahead of time will eliminate confusion or frustration on site.

Happy Planning!

- AWE Team

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