The ABCs of Children at Weddings

The debate to having versus not having children as part of your special day is a controversial topic. Of course, weddings are a time to celebrate so naturally your guests will want to bring their little ones along. The decisions that need to be made are; how many kids do you want at your wedding and how are you going to manage them?

The Breakdown

Kids Under 1: This batch of babies is usually in arms or asleep but it really only takes one cry during your ceremony or your speech to ruin that special moment- unfortunately there is no redo button!

Ages 2-5: This group of troublesome toddlers often find it difficult to contain their excitement. We normally see parents trying to calm their kids with candies and other distractions such as toys – but sometimes they just don’t work! It’s a gamble – if it works great, but if not a terrible tantrum can ensue.

Ages 5-9: This group is what our team likes to call “the runners”. This is the group of kids that run around EVERYWHERE, especially when a full blown game of tag is underway. The usual track these children like to run will include (but not limited to) making laps around your cake, your very delicate head table and their favorite space of all – your dance floor! The dance floor is a great open space for them to play and slide around on. This is definitely when a babysitting service should be employed!

Food for Thought

At most venues you will usually be offered a children’s choice of meal that is not only less expensive but will also be more appetizing, size appropriate and a healthier for the children attending your wedding. If your dinner is comprised of a buffet, ask your caterer for a children’s menu price which could save you up to 50% off the adult price per head.

We also advise against putting out candy and sweets for them ahead of time when they arrive at their place setting. They often eat these prior to dinner not only making them full but hyper for the rest of the night. If you are having goody bags, have them handed out right before the speeches to keep them preoccupied during this time.

If there is a separate room for kids with a professional and qualified babysitting service ensure, that beverages and snacks are available in the room.

Children over the age of 12 are considered adults in terms of food from your venue or caterer as well as entertainment. Kids over 12 will not appreciate colouring books, or a babysitting service, so keep this in mind when you are tallying your final numbers!

Smart Solution

The AWE team are strong believers in getting what you plan for. Our clients who do have a concern regarding the number of children at their wedding appreciate that we provide honest advice in hiring a professional and reliable babysitting service. Not only does this solve your problem but it does so in a classy way. What better solution than to provide them with a party of their very own. Our vendors will entertain children from the time they arrive through various games, crafts, music – all in an organized manner of course! The kids will also get their own gift before leaving the wedding – which can act as a favor as well! When hiring a babysitting service it is important not to hire just any ‘off the rack’ of the Babysitter– your choice should be someone who is not only Early Childhood Education and CPR trained, but who also specializes in event babysitting. Reliable services should also have no problem providing a criminal and background reference check as well. The price for something like this usually depends on the number of children, their ages, hours of supervision needed and the number of staff required but typically prices can range anywhere from $12-20 per hour, per child. This cost also usually includes crafts, activities and all equipment needed as well as the gift bags.

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