The Uninvited Wedding Guest: HST

So the infamous HST is in full affect and so many of our clients have come to us with questions and concerns that we felt it beneficial to all brides and grooms planning their big day to get the low down on the dreaded HST.

 The new Ontario HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) now replaces the former GST and PST as of July 1st, 2010, combining the individual taxes into one tax of 13%.  Many wedding services already included both taxes however there are a few more areas where couples will now be hit!  As a result we must now re-train our minds to budget for this tax as part of your wedding budget as it can have such a huge impact on your overall spending.  If you aren’t working with a wedding planner its important to ask vendors when you meet what taxes they will now be forced to charge so you get a clear and accurate picture of what you’ll be expected to pay.

 The new HST will be applied to:

- Venue

- Florals & Decor

- Catered Meals

- Photography/Videography

- DJ/Band

- Wedding Officiants

 Cool Find: Your wedding cake is HST exempt!

 Ways to Save:

- Consider an off-season wedding (a lot of venues do not consider Nov-Dec off season as its the season for corporate parties and galas), instead aim for Jan-Mar

- Destination weddings

- Menus (why not try a cocktail style service or stations)

- Since you can’t dis-invite the HST you may want to try reducing your guestlist elsewhere – bringing down your headcount is the FASTEST way to close the holes in your pockets!

- Consider seasonal florals and decor

 Happy Planning from the AWE Team!

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